Yes, I want to meditate with humanity!
I want to Meditate!


Herramientas del Poder Espiritual

Seven Steps for Creating A New You

Durante miles de años, el camino espiritual ha estado encerrado en el misterio. Este libro promete desmitificar y quitarle el glamour al crecimiento del alma. Download as an E-Book here.

Seven Steps For Creating A New You

Seven Steps for Creating A New You

You have new possibilities. What are you waiting for? :) Release your old self and embrace the new you! Purchase this on CD, or download as an mp3 file here.

Seven Steps For Successful Life Transitions

Seven Steps for Successful Life Transitions

What's holding you back? Jane helps you forgive, release and let go! Purchase this on CD, or download as an mp3 file here.


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Sleep with Your Soul - Relax, Renew, Realign 


Jane Elizabeth Hart's gentle words and soothing music will lead you into the deepest sleep you will ever encounter, where you are renewed and realigned with your soul. Allow this deep relaxation to support your body, mind and spirit.

Download "Sleep With Your Soul" (Sleep Meditation) onto your computer or mp3 player. Click here to purchase and download this audio mp3! Available in the CFE Store!


Meditation: Your Key To Accessing Universal Consciousness

Meditation - By Jane Hart

Jane Elizabeth Hart’s second book is a simple question and answer format, and contains profound information on the subject of meditation and how it affects your soul growth and spiritual awareness. Don’t let your concerns keep you from meditation any longer! Available in the CFE Store and on Amazon Kindle!

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A Passion to Know God

Beloved Soul in Evolution,

Here we are at the start of a new year, a new beginning, a new opportunity to support ourselves on this incredible journey!

What is your passion for 2017? What is your deepest desire?

In this week's video, I am talking to you about the one true desire of your heart--to know yourself as an Infinite Being. And that desire of your soul keeps working to awaken you to itself--to move you out of your limited beliefs, and open you wide to the expanding possibilities the Universe has waiting for you!

You have all the tools inside of you--the talents, abilities, and love that you need to move forward on this journey. Tap that center in you. You are your Center for Enlightenment. It is within you, always. Access it through meditation, patience, perseverance, using your Observer Self each day, journaling your questions and insights, forgive.

All of this strength is within you. Plus, I am here to support you. Everything I have created in the past several decades has been to help humanity on this journey. You are capable, and you are supported.

Watch this week's short video on desire, and let it help to fuel your deepest desire for 2017.

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth

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