Intuition is an abstract experience.  It is not the mind, common sense, or value judgments.  By observing ourselves, we become aware of how our consciousness operates.  Through this process we learn the difference between the ego/mind and the higher intuitive faculty.  When an intuitive flash comes, it is sudden.  It brings with it full knowledge of something we have never learned before, as well as a full understanding of this information–and it happens simultaneously.  In order to take our next step in evolution, we must go beyond the intellect.  The way into the next dimension of Being is through our intuition.

Action to take to develop intuition:

Practice with little things such as:  Where to go for dinner;  Should I buy this dress, suit, flowers, etc?  Sometimes we are lead to a store and then redirected to the right place to find what we are looking for.  If in doubt, “Keep Listening.”  You will always know the truth when it comes to you deep inside.  You will feel at peace.