“When we develop unconditional love, it becomes the main driving power which ultimately brings us into consciousness with our oneness with God. When this connection is made we see God in everything and truly understand the statement, ‘God is everywhere present.'” 
                                                                                 ~ Jane Elizabeth
When I was a teenager, I always slept until about 11:00 in the morning on weekends. My mother would try to make me wake up to go to church on Sundays. I would be annoyed and would say, “If they teach us in church that God is everywhere, why isn’t God in my room on Sunday mornings?!”
Even though I was being a brat, that frustrated question became part of my search for spirituality throughout my life. I love going to church, and I also love meditating with a group, because I do feel that the spiritual power is multiplied when I’m with others. At the same time, I have to balance being with a group and listening to others with idea that God is within me and guides me through my intuition.
It is extremely valuable to gain inspiration from spiritual leaders, inspiring books and insights from trusted friends, but ultimately I have to learn to go within and develop a personal connection with God and my soul. I feel this is a major step in my spiritual evolution — to not give my power away by thinking the answers are somewhere “out there” — but to empower my internal spiritual channel by making the connection day by day with meditation.
Light and love,
Aluna Michaels
Certified Center for Enlightenment Teacher

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