“One of the rewards of meditation for us is to become conscious of our soul rather than the ego personality. As we learn to function as a soul, we can consciously understand all aspects of our being. The gateway to the soul is through daily meditation.”
                                                                                ~ Jane Elizabeth
I grew up feeling very isolated and couldn’t truly connect with people. I constantly felt misunderstood by and out of step with those around me. I see now that my soul designed me to feel that way so I would seek a spiritual connection with my soul, God and the Universe. The sense of weariness was a “divine discontent” that prodded me to slowly but surely attempt to move from the third dimension into the fourth dimension.
When I started meditating each day, even for just a few minutes, I began to feel a sense of peace. My mind was never still during meditation; in fact, I still often experience chattering thoughts when I go within. I do, however, gain incredible results from my meditation practice.
I am now linked with my soul’s intuition, which helps me feel guided and comforted. My vibration has changed over the years and have know drawn many other “spiritual misfits” as my close friends. We had all felt that same disconnection from others, yet have found a sense of unity and bonding by persevering with our meditation practices.
It is so wonderful to know that I am not alone in my yearning for a true relationship with my soul!
Light and love,
Aluna Michaels
Certified Center for Enlightenment Teacher