This week we are focusing on the Third Step, Hopes and Dreams, we had for 2011. Now the year is closing and our hopes and dreams are important to review because it gives us an opportunity to acknowledge them and release them to be fulfilled in the future.
Action to take: Journal these questions for Step Three:
1. What were your hopes and dreams for this year?
2. How did you hope the year would end?
3. What remains unfulfilled?
                                                                      ~ Jane Elizabeth
When I work with the third step, Hopes and Dreams, of Jane Elizabeth’s “Seven Steps for Moving into the New Year,” I think my expectations for 2011.  Rephrasing it like this helps me deal with my more earthy, third dimensional, underlying wants, as well as goals for the year.  
For example, questions that I ask myself in addition to those above are: 
  • What did I expect of myself this year?
  • What did I expect would happen in 2011?
Simply another way of bringing into consciousness those incomplete desires from the year, so that we can be open to new possibilities for 2012!
Many blessings,
Lynn Barrette
Certified Center for Enlightenment Teacher

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