The Sixth Step, Release, gives you time to review your progress. You are preparing to fully release your memories, both positive and negative, as well as your dashed hopes, broken expectations and disappointments.
                                                                                                                                  Action to take:  To help you release, write a letter to God releasing the year. Say a prayer releasing all persons, events and situations.
                                                  ~Jane Elizabeth
STEP 6: Review and Release

When I first began working with the Seven Step process, I wasn’t exactly sure what action to take at Step 6, Release. I had completed all prior steps and worked especially hard on the forgiveness step. What could possibly be left?
Over time, I noticed a pattern of this:  Working through Steps 1-5, hooray! Then feeling unsure of what to do or what to expect at Step 6. “Hey Universe, isn’t something awesome supposed to happen now?” That’s what went through my mind.
Why, yes there is something awesome as it turns out! There is an action to take: The action of making a commitment to the new freer You.
“I am willing to release and let go. I am ready to embrace a new Self with NEW possibility.” 
The Step of Release gives you the freedom to see things with new eyes, to look at your life differently, to be inspired with divine ideas. This is the step of awakening to the recognition you can own a whole new greater expression of You, the Soul.
And it’s in the letting go where all the power is.
Any time an “old” thought, perception, limited belief resurfaces from this point on, say “NO”. These things no longer apply “now”. In doing the work of release you just widened the horizon on your realm of possibility. So let all these old things (and old you) be released for what is truer in you. Ready, set, LET GO!
Some questions to help you in this process: 
1. List at least three ways that releasing and letting go changes your possibilities for the better.  
2. Look at one negative experience, event, thought you previously held. What solutions can you find now for a harmonious resolution when seen with “new eyes”?  
3. Are you holding something back? What are you afraid to let go of? Name it. Now let it go.
With Love,
Aimee Bova
Certified Center for Enlightenment Teacher

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