Do you find that your mind will fill up with thoughts from old ways of looking at yourself, others or life? Have you noticed that when you make a commitment to change your thinking, all those old, worn-out thoughts come to the surface–loud and clear?

Our soul evolution is about releasing those old, false beliefs accumulated over our many lifetimes.  Old beliefs continually rise up into our awareness and try to pull us back down to the lower consciousness from whence they came! As we observe them–and choose to not act upon them–we are freeing ourselves from their heavy vibrational pull, and opening our hearts to our higher soul vibration!

One way to help them pass is to hold in our awareness a different, higher belief–repeating it as the old thoughts come to the surface, then dissipate. “Thank You, God!” is a great affirmation for embracing our greater self, and for gratitude for getting free from that old ‘stinkin’ thinkin’!’

Action to take:
Choose an affirmation or empowering word that you can use to keep yourself focused on your new unlimited idea of you! 

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