Even though change is continuous and unavoidable part of life, transitions can be unsettling.  In spiritual school you are constantly emptied in order to be refilled.  Your ability to handle these experiences gracefully, and not hold onto the pain of change, enables you to be successful in life.  You will then be open-minded to the new options that come your way.

I find the key to dealing with change is to have an attitude of gratitude.  I have come to see that all change is positive even though my conscious mind can’t see it that way at the time.  Gratitude is the first step of the Seven Steps for Successful Life Transitions and it opens my mind to accept that a greater wisdom is at work in my life.  Gratitude helps loosen my emotional grip so I can move forward and allow the change to flow.

Enjoy this week’s video on change.

Love and Light to you and yours,
James Ma’a
Certified Center for Enlightenment Teacher

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