Obey the inward impulses of the soul. Our souls will lead us to the Truth. Let us say, ‘To my own self be true.’ 
                                                  ~Jane Elizabeth
One of the many priceless benefits of meditation is greater access to divine solutions to life’s day to day challenges. 
Through a consistent daily meditation practice we “rewire” our brains for spirituality and upgrade our wireless connection to God. As Jane Elizabeth says in the attached video, meditation allows us to contact God as one would Google for information on the internet. 
When faced with a simple or large decision in life many of us can be overwhelmed by the myriad of potential solutions to our problem. With our Ego so often directing the show, and so many factors involved, it can be quite challenging to know if one is making a good decision. 
By surrendering our challenges to God in meditation and detaching from the outcome we open the door for a divine solution that is for the highest good of everyone involved.  
We may receive our answer immediately, or sometime later in a flash of revelation, in a dream, or on a billboard driving down the highway. Either way when it comes we know it is from our Soul because everything we need to do is given to us in divine order with perfect clarity, it provides for the highest good of all of the souls involved, and we are filled with an unmistakable peace which passes all understanding. 
Many of us have made decisions that we came to regret later; that thing, person, or job that we thought would solve our problem turned out to just create another one.  
I have learned that my Soul knows what is good for me, much better than I do. So when I surrender one of my challenges, and request knowledge of God’s will for my life I get excited like a kid on Christmas in the anticipation of God’s creative solutions for my life! 
With Love,
Jeff Bentley
Certified Center for Enlightenment Teacher

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