Be joyful on your journey for joy lets in the light of your soul.  Aim at demonstrating happiness and your joy will be a great blessing to everyone. Meditate on this:  How can you bring more joy to those souls you serve? 
                                                  ~Jane Elizabeth
      Many of us have spent a good part of our lives thinking that if we could just get the people in our lives to do what we know is best-life would be great. If only they would line up where we tell them to on the chess board of life, they would be free of drama. More importantly for us, we think that we would be free of drama, and our life would then be “pain free”. 
     Somewhere in my travels I was told, “You know Jeff, you can’t heal anyone until you heal yourself.” To which my spiritual ego retorted at light speed, “What do you mean? I have learned so much-surely I can help others”. But the truth was, I had much more work to do on myself in order to become truly ready to be of service to others. Not the least of which was to gain humility…how arrogant I was to think that I knew what was best for another soul, let alone my own. God alone knows truly what is for the highest good of our souls. Along with the knowledge of what life experiences are needed to “unravel” each individual soul’s karma.
What I have learned along the way is that by doing our own work, we purify ourselves and raise our vibration to a higher level. We take our vibration with us everywhere we go, positively affecting all of the souls that we come in contact with whether they realize it or not.
     This is the beautiful simplicity of it all. By working with what is right in front of us, and first healing ourselves, we naturally raise our vibration, along with those around us, to help them heal. Also, we do not have to dictate for others how their healing process should look. That’s God’s problem, so to speak, and is none of our business. Slowly but surely we positively affect the circle of souls around us, and they in kind do the same for others–growing in geometrically increasing numbers.
     This is why the work that we do as individualized souls is so important to the whole. 
     You have a greater impact on the world around you and are more powerful than you could ever imagine. 
     Will you do your part by doing your spiritual work today? 
With Love,
Jeff Bentley
Certified Center for Enlightenment Teacher

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