Every day is a new day. Let us embrace our day with joy and excitement. As we let go of our old thought patterns, move into each day expecting a new possibility, and listen to our inner guidance, we open the door of our consciousness and new ideas will flow in.
Action to take: See each day as a new opportunity to move into more soul awareness.
                                                      ~ Jane Elizabeth

We are FREE!!    

I love the absolute TRUTH that all of us are FREE! The essence of us is free to “move us miles”, step by little step, through and beyond anything and everything in our paths.

Jane Elizabeth’s video, “HONOR YOURSELF”, explains how the love for ourselves frees us to MOVE!  I understand this love of ourselves to be an “Intelligent Love” that has an innate wisdom that pushes us forward.  This Intelligent Love does not judge, but prods us at all times, a little bit further…one step at a time toward the “miles” that can actually be covered very quickly and efficiently towards our freedom!

When this “Intelligent Love” is not quite in full form, there can be a part of me that rears its head very forcibly.  I have learned that once this ego voice has spoken, I am actually closer to my next step!  All I need to do is face that ego voice directly with the love and wisdom of my True Essence, and realize this next is complete!  Then one more step has been taken and another one is close behind!  Good! FREEDOM is mine!

Blessings for YOUR FREEDOM and for YOUR Intelligent Love!

Michele Larson
Certified Center for Enlightenment Teacher

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