We are now moving toward the energy and vibration of the year 2013. Journaling is a very important part of releasing 2012. By taking this action you are letting go of the old and making room for new possibilities to come into your life.

Journaling Questions for the next two steps:

Good Times:

  • How did this year bring new and joyful experiences to your life?
  • Write down specific times that you were especially happy.
  • To jog your memory, look through photo albums, listen to special songs, etc.


  • What are you thankful for regarding this year?
  • What did the year give you?
  • How has this year been important in your life?

By letting go of the past, we make room for a vibrant 2013!
~ Jane Elizabeth

 Time to Release the Year!
Let the Good Times Roll!
Yea for the good times!

As we release the year 2012, this is an opportunity to look at all the good times we have had. Releasing the good times and that which we are grateful for, gives us a moment of reflection of all the fun and joy the year has brought to us. We move forward as we embrace that joy and gratitude that we experienced this past year. When we take the good times up the Seven Steps and let go, we create new good times and beautiful, beautiful new God experiences.

As we journal these next two steps using Jane Elizabeth’s questions, we open our hearts to a new year. Let’s move into 2013 with new good times and a new vibration.

My Love to you on this Journey!

Lucinda Daniel
Certified Center for Enlightenment Teacher

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