When we marry our will with our desire, the next step is to develop courage to make spiritual decisions and to abide by them.  It is important to remember that the more courage we develop, the stronger it gets, and the faster we move our consciousness. Ponder on this —  What is the next courageous step you want to take?
                                                    ~ Jane Elizabeth
I feel the road to my Soul, my predetermined destination, can be likened to the discipline of driving my car from one point to another. The ease of the ultimate arrival is greatly helped by following the rules of the road.  Jane Elizabeth’s “Spiritual Power Tools” are actually the vehicle for this arrival to my Soul, my center of enlightenment.
In this week’s featured video, Jane Elizabeth talks about the evolution of our souls.  I feel the “evolution” that is obtainable is actually the actions or responsibility I am willing to embark upon.  Just as I am deciding to drive my car for whatever reason, I have the same freedom to decide to reach a destination that is well within my reach–which really is my destiny.
Much love on a journey worthy of taking!!
Michele Larson
Certified Center for Enlightenment Teacher

Click to view featured video, “Evolution of the Soul, Part 2”