Revelations help us to be the Observer of our life situations so we can make new choices that support our soul. Ponder on this: What have you observed about yourself this week that has helped you make new choices?
                                                        ~ Jane Elizabeth

I resigned the other day from a position of service that I had been involved in for some time.  This is unusual for me–I like to be of service to others so I found myself feeling “out of sorts” about it.

By exercising my observer faculty and following my intuition even when it seemed uncomfortable, I had determined that this piece of service was no longer mine to do.

In less than a day, the universe presented me with a new opportunity to be of service that I didn’t know was coming. Because I had followed my intuition without undue procrastination—I was in the perfect place, at the appointed time to SAY YES without any hesitation to this new opportunity.

I am now empowered to be of service in a way which is in perfect alignment with all other areas of my life.

Thank you, Soul, for guiding us along the way–providing the perfect personal experiences we need every day to awaken to our soul plan!!

With all my Love,

Jeff Bentley
Certified Center for Enlightenment Teacher

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