Meditation keeps the channel of communication open between the Soul and brain, via the mind. The first thing we have to do is learn to discriminate between our Soul’s vibration and our personality’s vibration. As you meditate, you learn to differentiate between the vibrations.

Ponder on this: What is your Soul communicating to you?

~ Jane Elizabeth

Our daily life situations; job, school, family, etc. are like a karmic spider web.  We have created this intricate web from lifetimes of interactions with others.  We may be cruising along just fine in life, and all of a sudden we find ourselves stuck in a sticky karmic mess—wondering, how did I wind up here?  We feel as helpless as a little fly stuck in a web, swept away by the drama, glamour, and illusion of our karma.

At one point in my life I had the realization that my ego was perpetuating my negative karma.  Not only did my ego lie to others for it’s self-preservation, it also lied to me.  The truly scary part about this was that I believed its lies, and would be caught up in them.  Now being able to clearly see this insanity for the first time, I asked, how am I ever going to make wise decisions with this going on?  My answer came in the form of The Observer of Self, a wonderful gift of meditation.  Little did I know it was already operating as part of my consciousness, which had allowed me to observe my ego/liar in action.

The Observer Self is a tremendous gift which when combined with the other Spiritual Power Tools allow us to “wake up”, and see things how they really are.

I am not the helpless fly…I am a powerful Soul, breaking free to soar ever higher & higher!

With all my love,

Jeff Bentley
Certified Center for Enlightenment Teacher