There is a part of us that is connected with the cosmic energy of this universe. As we acknowledge this, and meditate upon this, we are able to magnify and focus this energy into our conscious awareness. Then we are able to discover the true essence of our being.
Action to Take: Meditate with this goal in mind.
                                                                            ~Jane Elizabeth
Recently I was talking with a few of my fellow travelers on this incredible spiritual path. Now, we have known each other for close to 20 years and we were marveling at how much we each have changed over those years.
What stood out the most for me was the fact that most of us had been called from different corners of the country to live in that place where we would meet up and work together with our spiritual teacher, Jane Elizabeth Hart. For myself, I had an incredible feeling inside that felt like a cat purring, each time I visited there. I felt a very strong pull from my soul to be there. I didn’t know exactly why but I knew it was important.
Within the first year there, I realized that I had answered the call to support my heart’s desire to know more about my soul. A whole new incredible, fantastic world opened up before me and is still unfolding to this day. As Jane Elizabeth says in the following video, “All the wisdom of the Universe is ours!”   I am so grateful that I heeded the call of my soul to tap that wisdom.
Listen to your soul’s call. It will take you places far beyond your wildest imagination!
With lots of love to you on your journey,
Elizabeth Cleeland
Certified Center for Enlightenment Teacher

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