One of the rewards of meditation for us is to become conscious of our soul rather than the ego personality. As we learn to function as a soul, we can consciously understand all aspects of our being. The gateway to the soul is through daily meditation.
                                                                   ~ Jane Elizabeth
Easy-peasy, Lemon Squeezy…Not So Much
I am a substitute teacher in our school district. Last year I was in a classroom of third graders when I made the mistake of nonchalantly saying the phrase, “it’s easy” while teaching a lesson. They immediately responded with such passion that I about flew off my stool…they were all in unison: 
“You can’t say that, Mrs. Bentley! What’s easy for some may not be easy for others. And it makes those who find it difficult feel bad inside because they have to work harder for it to be easy!”
Holy smokes, they were right!
The first time I sat down to meditate, I had those non-stop thoughts in the head–what Jane Elizabeth refers to with as “monkey-mind”. I clearly understood the goal of quieting the mind to connect to my Soul and God, but that was not easy! My mind would not SHUT UP! I thought, how do people do it? How have others gone before me and succeeded in quieting the mind? I know all of the answers and guidance I need are right there inside me so I MUST get QUIET to hear!
It was suggested that I listen to Jane Elizabeth’s CD, “A Guided Meditation to Support the Evolution of Your Soul” for my meditations. Precisely what I needed to control the monkey-mind. When I sit to meditate, close my eyes and take a deep breath, I get quiet, but the thoughts try to come in…as soon as I hear Jane Elizabeth’s voice and the music, I am centered; I go into the void and fulfill my needs. Success!
I chose to make something that’s not so easy for me, work for me 25 minutes a day. Just as our children do 5 days a week, 7.5 hours a day, 9 months out of a year at school, they work to better themselves and succeed. We, as spiritual students, are no different.
Thank God for the wisdom of those third graders that day, just goes to show Spirit moves through us all, no matter your age!
Keep smiling, 
Su Bentley
Certified Center for Enlightenment Teacher

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