It is important to distinguish between our false cravings or addictions and our true intuitive impulses. False cravings are something we think we want, and when we get it, it doesn’t really satisfy us or enhance our lives. A sure sign you are following your intuition is that you feel more alive and experience an energy shift.

                                                   ~ Jane Elizabeth

“Because you’re mine…I walk the line…”

Did you know Johnny Cash is singing to God in that song? Many just assume he’s singing to June Carter, but the man in black eventually trusted God 100% and learned to mind his mind.

The attached video by Jane Elizabeth, Listen to Your Inner Guidance Part 3, is one of my favorites. She talks about the hamster wheel. You know what it is! You have something going on in your life that you need to make a decision about and your thoughts are all over the place and they go back and forth and back and forth and you go around and around in your head trying to make a decision. Oh wait, let’s throw worry and anxiety in the mix. Is that your process for making decisions about things in life?

I use to say, “The committee in my head is busy at work keeping me all over the place.”

Stop yourself. Make the decision once and for all to turn to your inner guidance, to your soul and get your answers–the CORRECT and final answers–and trust them. Jane Elizabeth has a list of questions for us to use so that we know we are on track and the answers are coming from our intuitive mind and not the ego:

Is it good for all involved?
Is it moral?
Is it going to hurt anyone?
Does it demonstrate unconditional love?

THIS process is divine guidance. Quieting the mind, asking the questions, listening, and then reviewing with the above guidelines. It can be that simple when you choose to move to something structured and work with your soul instead of letting the ego run amuck.  

I am so grateful that I was led to fire that committee in my head and learned to trust and listen to my God-Self instead. You just gotta walk the line.  

Keep smiling,

Su Bentley
Certified Center for Enlightenment Teacher

Click to view featured video: Listen to Your Inner Guidance ~ Part 3