Each time we still our mind, even for 10 minutes, a new energy shift takes place. This shift in energy sharpens our intuitive mind. The result is we are able to solve problems with greater understanding and make better choices for ourselves.

Ponder on this: What new and better choices have you made recently?
                                        ~ Jane Elizabeth

Listening to our inner guidance requires a lot more than we realize when we begin taking time to pay attention to it. Wouldn’t it be great if we could easily tune in to that voice of our Soul, and be told what to do and when to do it—and, it would be the perfect thing to do?

However, intuition is like an extra appendage, connecting our conscious mind to our intuitive Soul. It is an invisible muscle that requires attention and exercise on a regular basis. It works as hard for us as we work to listen.

Here are daily exercises to support your intuitive muscle:

1. Journaling ~ When we have a backlog of emotion, journaling helps clear the way and open us to the guidance that will get us through the difficult situation.

2. Listening ~ Not just sometimes; all the time! Have a part of your awareness disengaged from what is going on around you, and fully engaged with listening within.

3. Meditation ~ This is the best workout! Meditation gives us lots of practice listening, stilling our minds, setting aside situations from the day, opening ourselves to higher input. Even when we feel nothing is happening, something is happening!

Practice these on a regular basis, and you will see a definite shift in your ability to listen and recognize the voice of your intuition.

With love for your journey,

Lynn Barrette
Certified Center for Enlightenment Teacher

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