Beloved Soul in Evolution,

I am excited to announce that Words from the Hart is being replaced by a series entitled “Soul Evolutionist”. This series will consist of a weekly video and spiritual message in support of your evolving soul.

Today’s video launches this new series and is designed to ignite that fire in your soul, that desire for knowing your true identity in God.

I invite you to watch it and commit to this class, this study of your soul. Invite your friends who are interested in learning more about their soul evolution. All over the world are souls like you, who know there is more to learn and grow into. We are in this soul evolutionary process together!

Please email me and let me know you will be participating in supporting your soul’s evolution. I will hold you in my heart and support you in every way I can.

This is a blessed new year that has opened the door for a greater spiritual education and new awakening for all souls.

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth