Beloved Soul in Evolution,

I hope you are taking each time, doing your homework on these Seven Steps for moving into the new year.

In this week’s video, I am addressing more specifically those Disappointments and Difficulties. This is an important step for the evolution of your soul. I found that the biggest difficulties in my year became the greatest tools for my spiritual growth.

This is a step to release old karmic patterns that are not productive for you. Get your pencil and paper out! What disappointed you most this year? There may have been many, but zero in on the one that pushed you to the max. What was the thing that triggered you most that is still unresolved? Grab this one up so that you are not carrying it into 2014.

Let me guide and support you on this step through this video. If you need extra support, email me. Hang in there and see this process through! Honor the soul that you are for 2014!

With all my love for your light-filled Christmas,

Jane Elizabeth