Beloved Soul in Evolution,

This is the week for celebrating Love. Since we are God-beings, we have the DNA of God’s love within us, but through our many incarnations, we have forgotten that love. As Soul Evolutionists, we are reawakening that love within us, and learning how to love in a new, more conscious way.

I am making this week a week of love. Consciously practice loving others: your family, friends, coworkers, acquaintances and strangers. In that conscious practice, you will also uncover motives in the love you have been sharing with others, either on the positive or negative side of the opposites. Notice those. Write them down. Go within to the source of love within you. You will be instructed as you explore this aspect of yourself.

Watch this week’s video on the many aspects of love. Learning to love is part of this journey of awakening, since love is a great facet of the Universe. Everyone can be blessed by focusing on love. Share this video with your friends and family who would be receptive to this new look at love. Send me your experiences and questions about what you find as you take this step.

As you focus on your love this week, my Infinite Love is with you.

With all my heart,

Jane Elizabeth