Beloved Soul in Evolution,

We are moving forward, just as Spring continues to awaken!

Have you had new understandings this week about how the busy mind likes to run the show?

This week we are focusing on developing intuition, another aspect of who you are.

After many lifetimes of developing the intellect, our soul evolution naturally calls us to the next step: Letting the intellect go, and moving into the intuitive self.

Meditation is your connection to your God Consciousness. Your intuition is the avenue for that connection, as well as the tool that helps us to master the opposites.

Daily meditation and calling on your intuition many times every day are the key practices to begin to rely more on your intuition, and less on the intellect. Start out with little things that come up daily, such as, “Where should I go shopping?” As you utilize this aspect of yourself, it will strengthen and support you when you need it most.

Enjoy this week’s video, and share it with your friends who may also be wanting to develop their intuition. Email me about how your intuition is working for you. It is my joy to be here for you!

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth