Beloved Soul in Evolution,

How was your work stilling your mind this week?

We are working on developing and strengthening our detached Observer Self. In addition to quieting the mind, you also have to learn to control your emotions—shifting from allowing your emotions to control you, to you being in control of your emotions.

This doesn’t mean that you are numb; it means that your Observer Self helps you learn about yourself through emotions that arise. “Where did they come from? How should I look at this situation instead?”

Being in charge of your emotions helps you make wiser decisions. When you make emotional decisions, you have probably noticed that they don’t come out as well as when you have thought out your decisions and act from a knowing that you are doing the right thing for your soul’s evolution.

Pull out your Spiritual Power Tools book for extra support on this week’s project. The tools of journaling and the Spiritual Thermometer will be especially helpful to you.

Watch this week’s video—I am giving you lots of ideas for how to support yourself in being in charge of your emotions so they aren’t in charge of you! This is a good one to share with friends and family, since emotions can be challenging for anyone.

My love goes with you as you move more deeply into your true Self in God. Email me when you need support or if you have questions about this process. It is my honor to love and support you on this journey within.

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth