Beloved Soul in Evolution,

I hope you have had a successful week of observing your emotions and being on top of them, rather than your emotions being on top of you.

As you do your spiritual work of developing your observer self, you become more in control of your consciousness and more aligned with your true purpose of being God-realized.

This week, I am teaching more about the intuition. Your intuition is a valuable piece of equipment on your journey. Your intuitive self knows what is coming around the corner and can help direct you, always in your soul’s best interest.

Watch this video a few times this week and give yourself time to assimilate the new and valuable information that I am sharing with you. It is important to understand how your intuition is developing, and what you can do to cooperate with it. Share this video with your friends and loved ones who are also working on developing their intuitive self.

As a spiritual teacher who has gone through this process, I can support you, even through email, when you have decisions in your life that you are not sure about. Email me any time you need support, big or small, because I am here for you.

With my infinite love,

Jane Elizabeth