Beloved Soul in Evolution,

I hope you enjoyed the past few weeks of spiritual support on the road!

This week I am talking with you about living from your higher Self, and getting rid of that lower, below-the-five ego self that doesn’t want to do anything that supports its decrease and your soul’s triumph.

But, the soul is who you are. It is your next step in your evolution. You can use the Spiritual Thermometer to expose where you are in consciousness. If you are below a five, do what it takes to get yourself above that five so that you can work in the best interest of your soul!

Also in this video, I describe the wall that we have built up over lifetimes, having been disappointed in some long ago life. We then spend lifetimes trying to find satisfaction in the third dimensional world, but to no avail due to that wall that won’t let anyone in—which means we have also been keeping God out! What a boring cycle to repeat!

Our conscious soul evolution is about allowing God—our souls, our Teachers—to take down the wall. And we feel afraid, since that wall has been our protection, so we have to summon our courage, will, desire and strength to cooperate with our unique blueprint for awakening.

Watch this video several times and allow it to support you throughout the week. Keep a record of how you are using the Spiritual Thermometer during the week. Notice how many times you overcome fearful thoughts this week. Email me if you need help with an issue that arises. I am here to support you!

All my Love is with you in this process!
Jane Elizabeth