Beloved Soul in Evolution,

Wow! I have been on a wild ride lately, continuing my work on a major project that has found me looking through my class materials, personal writings, and videos from the last several decades! I am preparing something very special to offer you in 2015, and I am working every day on this important project.

In the meantime, I have enjoyed watching some of my older videos that are packed full of information that is as relevant today as it was then–and will continue to be relevant for the next centuries to come!

This week’s video is a very short excerpt from a local television interview I did several years ago. The energy of this video will support you, and it is also a wonderful reminder of why your meditation practice is so important.

Your meditation time is not just for the long term goal of awakening to your God Self; it also supports you with everyday problems that arise. Everything you do is spiritual, so even those mundane tasks and challenges of the day are there to support your soul’s evolution.

Watch this week’s brief video and choose one benefit to focus on this week. Try out using meditation to receive answers to a simple problem, for example. See how it supports you, and email me what you find out about yourself. It is worth your time and effort.

As I continue my project for you, I am holding you in my heart as you continue yours–cooperating with your soul’s evolution!

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth