Beloved Soul in Evolution,

Here we are at the end of 2014, moving into 2015 tonight!

I have been holding you in light and love as you worked on the previous steps of Gratitude, Good Times, Hopes and Dreams, and Disappointments and Difficulties from 2014. In this week’s video, I address the final steps: Forgiveness, Release, and Completion.

The forgiveness work of Step Four allows you to move into the new year with a clean slate–free from the old emotions and thoughtforms that have accumulated in you during 2014. This Forgiveness step includes forgiveness of yourself most of all. Even if you are forgiving others, you are forgiving something within yourself. Forgiveness is a huge step in spiritual growth.

Here are some journaling questions for Step Four: Forgiveness:

  • What is the hardest thing to forgive about this year?

  • What is causing you not to forgive?

  • How will the lack of forgiveness affect your life?

Watch this week’s video for more on this important process of forgiveness. I created this video especially to support you on this step–for this year and every year moving forward.

The most important work you have to do in this lifetime is to release yourself. Surrender your idea of yourself to the Infinite Intelligence of this planet. These are the final steps of Release and Completion, a surrender of all the memories you have been writing about for the past several weeks. Surrender it all so you have a clean slate for the new year.

To help you with this process, sometime today take the writing you have done to release the year and bless it, honor it, love it, and surrender it. Support yourself in awakening to a new year, a new heart, joyfully moving forward.

Happy New Year!

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth