Beloved Soul in Evolution,

How are you doing observing your desires, and giving energy only to the one that is most important to you? When you put your desire energy into that one desire to know the Infinite Intelligence of God, you push open the door to a new vibration that supports you.

To know yourself as God, you have to have different equipment in order to understand the information necessary to release the human part of you, and awaken more to the God part of you.

In this week’s video, I become your “Soul Trainer” and coach you about this necessary equipment, your intuition that gets stronger and stronger as you do your work of this transformation.

What are you willing to do to open that door of Infinite Intelligence wider and wider? Do you desire to wake up? Are you willing to give it the meditation time that is required? Don’t worry about being perfect. There are ups and downs on this journey, and each step is teaching you about yourself. You are mastering your old thought forms, and the longer they have been around, the more work they take to overcome. You have your Observer Self to watch over you, and help you make adjustments, slowly but surely.

Desire your new equipment upgrade that is required for your to move into the Infinite Intelligence of God. When you use your old equipment (which you are in the process of releasing), you get old answers. Ask for your new equipment!

Enjoy this video and let it encourage you to focus and redouble your efforts on this huge transition that you have embraced. Step by step you move forward. I am here to support and encourage you. Email me when you have questions or feel stuck. I am here for you!

With my Infinite Love,

Jane Elizabeth