Beloved Soul in Evolution,

Ten years ago, I put together a manual for spiritual growth, based on 45 years of my spiritual discoveries. The Spiritual Power Tools book encompasses the supportive processes I used to get to know my God Self–even though I didn’t know what I was looking for when I first began my journey.

In this week’s video, I am celebrating Spiritual Power Tools and the support found within it.

One of the first jobs I had was to learn to meditate and still my mind. I didn’t know why I had to do that, I just knew it was important to do. Meditation introduced me to a new kind of energy, a vibration that helped me know I was moving forward, even though I did not know exactly where I was going. I could feel I was on the right track for me.

I had a strong commitment to my journey, and I would go back to meditation for my answers, since the outside world could no longer answer my questions. I had to learn to stop struggling with the chatter in my mind, to be still and quiet; and I began to be able to sense energy coming into my during my meditation times. I knew I was getting support during those times.

My commitment to meditation was the most important commitment I made on my spiritual journey, because it communicated to the Masters that my spiritual growth was the most important desire I had.

Your God Self is calling you to be committed to the journey and take the necessary steps to merge your consciousness with the God Self of you.

Watch this video, and catch the vibration and support for your own commitment to the most important Spiritual Power Tool: meditation.

Use your Spiritual Power Tools book to support your soul’s evolution! Share with me your thoughts, your experiences, your questions. I am so honored to support you on your journey, as I was supported so beautifully on my own.

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth