Beloved Soul in Evolution,

How far do you want to move on this spiritual journey? Your free will and spiritual desire will determine how far you go. We celebrate Easter this week and the Spiritual Power Tools’ ten year anniversary this month; and both Easter energy and the tools in that little book will support you on your spiritual discovery!

In this week’s video, I am talking with you about purifying yourself, and going beyond your little “I”. Your Infinite “I” has been with you for eons of time, all throughout your evolution to this very moment.

Sometimes on the journey, when the going gets rough, you want to run the other direction! I certainly went through that as well, until I realized that this is a journey of purification. I began understanding my consciousnesses from other lifetimes that manifested in my personality self that was Jane.

I had to learn to think beyond my limited myself, and this is where you are now, if you have been drawn to this video. Your efforts on this journey of Self-realization will take you right out of your humanhood and into your True Essence, your Cosmic Consciousness, where you are one with the All, an individual expression of It. Jesus went through this process in his own way, crossing out his limited self in order to move into his God Self. You don’t have to be crucified, but the little “I” does.

Watch this video and meditate on the ideas I am sharing with you this week. Feel free to share your comments, questions and thoughts about what you hear. I love hearing from you–I receive every one of your comments! And I am here to support you. Just call on me!

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth