Beloved Soul in Evolution,

Last week we revisited the Spiritual Thermometer and how it can help you observe your thinking. I hope you had a deeper experience of yourself this week as you focused on this Spiritual Power Tools.

This week, I am re-sharing with you Part 2 of my discussion of the Spiritual Thermometer.

All the spiritual work you do is to uncover the spiritual being you are, as you let the lesser “I” go. The “Big I” that you are is your true reality. It is that part of you that is ever present with you, that travels with you each lifetime and beyond. When you become more of that I AM presence in you, you see that this “Big I” is one with everything and everyone!

The little I is concerned about its own needs. You probably notice this when you are

The Spiritual Thermometer helps you open the door to your “Big I”. It helps you live in the Now where your spiritual Self lives and reveals your Self to your self.

Watch this week’s video and see what it says to you this time. It won’t say what it did to you when you first watched it nearly a year ago! Share with me any new insights you come up with. Share the video with friends you think will be open to it.

You have my love, light and all the support I can give to you. You are not alone as you embrace this important work.

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth