Beloved Soul in Evolution,

Happy Thanksgiving!

Whether you gather with friends and family today, or are celebrating Thanksgiving on your own, this is a day to be grateful for the support of the universe that is with you every effort you make on your spiritual journey–and for that spark in you that perseveres, that spark that carries the most important desire you have.

When you put your desire energy into that one desire to know Infinite Intelligence, you are connecting with that which is beyond the limited, human, third dimensional world.

To know yourself as Infinite Intelligence, you have to have different equipment to understand the information you are given to release the human part of you, and awaken more to the Infinite part of you. It is a process of destroying the old thoughtforms and making room for new equipment designed for working in the higher dimensions.

Your human self is limited to only a certain amount of consciousness being free to be open. Your desire opens the door to receiving the revelations necessary to move out of your finite self, into the Infinite. You are mastering your old thoughtforms, and the longer they have been around, the more work they take to overcome.

Desire your new equipment upgrade that is required for you to move into Infinite Intelligence. When you use your old equipment (which you are in the process of releasing), you get old answers. Ask for your new equipment!

Watch this week’s video, the journal your responses to the questions below:

1) How would you describe your desire to wake up to your Infinite Self?

2) What are you willing to do to open wider that door of Infinite Intelligence?

3) How often do you give your spiritual desire the meditation and focus that is needed to move you forward?

4) In your understanding, what is the “equipment” that you need for moving out of your human self and, slowly but surely, into Infinite Intelligence?

5) How do you keep your desire burning for your spiritual growth?

6) Write out your prayer for your new equipment. Use it daily.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, sharing love and gratitude for this life of awakening and moving forward!

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth