Beloved Soul in Evolution,

Are you ready to go deeper into your understanding of your soul and its spiritual evolution?

I have been pondering for many months now: How do I support these beautiful souls on their journey? I can’t do the healing, awakening work for them, but I can give tools, encouragement, and support along the way.

To support you more deeply, each week I will be sending you journaling questions along with the weekly video. These questions are for your inner reflection and processing through your writing. You can take a question each day to ponder and write about, or set aside a time to work through each of them during the week in the way that fits your process and schedule.

You are welcome to send your responses to me, or simply keep them in your journal to remind you what you are uncovering about yourself. There are no right or wrong responses–just the opportunity to explore your ever-expanding spiritual understanding!

Let’s get started!

This week’s video and lesson embrace your journey as a Soul Evolutionist!

As you have evolved, your soul has become the behind the scenes director of the personality self, more and more.

Start thinking of yourself as an evolving soul rather than just a personality. Your personality is merely the vehicle that you are using to get around on this planet. You have had many such vehicles over eons of time. You have lived your life through each one of them, and then traded it in, much as you have often had to give up an old car for a new one.

Understand that your soul is a much more important part of who you are right now. Then you can become more detached from the personality’s drama and take a step back from it.

You are the center of your own enlightenment. You are connected with the God energy that is going to open up your vibration more widely. But until now, you have been looking at your life through just one-tenth of your consciousness. Just one-tenth! You have been living your life only through this limited, tiny viewpoint. Now is the time to open up your consciousness to more input from your soul, and so receive more understanding, more guidance, more direction!

View this week’s video, then write your responses to the questions below. You can email me your responses, or keep them in your soul evolutionist journal.

1) What does it mean to you that you are an evolving soul? What does it mean that you are 1/10 conscious and 9/10 subconscious?

2) What are some of the most notable talents and abilities that you brought into this particular lifetime? How have they impacted you, this time around?

3) How does your free will operate to move you forward in your soul’s evolution? How can moving from your personality self into your soul help you to make more helpful choices in the best interest of your soul?

4) Where in your life have you made limited personality-level choices that did not work out as well for you? Where have you made wiser choices based on the input of your soul and how did those work out for you?

5) If you are 1/10 conscious and 9/10 subconscious, what then is the God consciousness?

6) There is a veil that is being lifted when you meditate. What does that mean for you?

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth