Beloved Soul in Evolution,

How has your practice of quieting your mind gone this week? On this spiritual journey, it is essential to commit to a constant practice of quieting your thoughts so your Higher Self can speak to you and guide you along the way.

In this week’s video and journaling questions, you get to continue exploring the purpose and process of connecting to your Higher Self through a quieting mind and receptive meditation.

In your Spiritual Power Tools book, there are specific tools that I developed along my own spiritual journey to meet the needs of my growing soul. Along the way, I felt lost at times, wondering “Why isn’t all this coming faster for me?” And then I discovered that there was a process that needed to occur so that I could increase her own capacity for spiritual energy and guidance. It was as if I needed to be rewired from my limited 25 watt light bulb; and then, through meditation, to increase my capacity to carry and transmit energy for 100 watts, allowing me to do and see more.

Once my energy increased, I could begin to access the Infinite Intelligence of God. I like to use the “God Computer” image (you can see the image in the video), which was rooted in my experience with computers in the 1980’s. Nowadays, of course, each individual computer is hooked up to the internet, which provides an even greater capacity to gain access to the limitless information that is available.

Infinite Intelligence is similarly available to each one of us, through the practice of meditation. When you sit in meditation, you can imagine yourself connecting to that Source, and so access the guidance and information that you need draw down into your conscious mind. By means of meditation, you can also gain the increased energy that will allow you to make a better connection with that Infinite Intelligence.

View this week’s video, then write your responses to the questions below:

1) How does meditation increase your ability to receive divine guidance and direction?

2) When have you experienced an upgrade of your capacity to access Infinite Intelligence? How and when did this occur?

3) How does your inner voice speak to you? When and how do you perceive it?

4) In what ways have you received specific information about your soul’s history and how did that affect you?

5) How do you keep track of the impressions that you receive during meditation? Do you journal? Use a recording device?

6) What is the image that you hold of the connection that you have with Infinite Intelligence? (God computer, internet access, other visual image?)

As you continue to practice the presence of your Higher Self, of Infinite Intelligence, you will continue to uncover new insights that help you in any area of your life where you need assistance. It always comes from within you!

Have you been sharing these videos and explorations questions with anyone you know? How has that conversation been going? If you haven’t yet shared it with someone, give it a try! You might just find you have a spiritual support person to grow with! Plus, you always have my support on this journey.

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth