Beloved Soul in Evolution,

On this spiritual journey, it is important to always keep yourself on track with what you need to be doing to support your forward movement. When you learn one concept, you have to master it before you will receive a new step to work on. Then you recommit yourself to the process, embrace your next step, master it, and so forth.

Remember that the purpose of the spiritual journey you are on is to uncover your whole Self, beginning with understanding and releasing the limited self while connecting with your Higher Self a little at a time. Climbing to the mountaintop of spiritual awareness consists of little (but important!) shifts along the way.

“Commitment, being the Observer of yourself, forgiveness, and being in integrity with the work you are doing.” These are your major responsibilities on the spiritual journey.

If you look in your Spiritual Power Tools book to “Spiritual Power Tool #8: How to Stay on the Transformation Track”, you will find another valuable list of reminders to help you continuously support your spiritual progress.

Watch this week’s video to support the integrity of your spiritual commitment, then journal your responses to the questions below:

1) When have you found yourself repeating a spiritual step?

2) How do you refresh and stay focused on your spiritual commitment?

3) How have you experienced the cycle of learning a concept, mastering it, recommit to the journey, embrace your next step?

4) Choose one of these to write about how you will embrace this part of the process more in your current daily spiritual process:


Being the Observer of yourself


Being in integrity with the work you are doing

5) What “hidden gems” have you found in your Spiritual Power Tools book? If you can’t think of one, close your eyes, hold your book in your hand, ask for guidance, and open the book randomly. Read the first thing your eyes fall upon, and write what that means for you today.

Commitment is important on your journey to Self-discovery. I am committed to supporting you every moment–are you committed to supporting your Self? I bet you are if you are reading this email! You have the commitment of Universal Love and Wisdom supporting your commitment!

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth