Beloved Soul in Evolution,

Happy New Year! What spiritual commitment are you making to your Higher Self in 2016? Daily meditation? Forgiveness? Quieting your mind?

On this road to great conscious awareness, there are many experiences you will have–experiencing the infinite part of you, as well as moving through the tough challenge of letting go of lesser consciousness. You must have courage, desire, and dedication to keep yourself on track time after time.

Every enlightened being has had to go through this purification process to transform from a human being to a spiritual being. The limited self cannot go into the spiritual realm because it has been the leader in the human realm, which is to say necessarily self-centered. There is no separate self in the fourth dimension. You will have a unique expression of your God Self, but you will not be separate from anything or anyone! The human self does not know how to live that way!

In order for your soul to displace the personality self, you must be very aware of the ego and how it tries to maintain itself through its actions, motivations, and thoughtforms. The ego doesn’t like being observed! It enjoys its same old patterns!

But wonderful things happen when you make the effort to free yourself from your limited personality and make room for your soul to move in! You are more clear, more conscious, and your intuition is stronger and more supportive of your quickening spiritual progress.

Watch this week’s video, then journal your responses to the following questions below, allowing yourself to go deep with your inner exploration:

1) How does your personal self try to maintain its limited existence from day to day?

2) What do you do when you catch that personal self trying to run the show?

3) How do you manage thoughtforms that arise into your conscious awareness?

4) How do you feel about going into the silence? Do you feel afraid? Is it a comforting state of mind for you?

5) How would you describe the measuring stick you have used on yourself and your world up until now?

6) How will mastering your mind benefit you?

7) What support can you give yourself that would help you master your mind?

I support you with my love and energy as you continue to make leaps and strides in 2016!

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth