Beloved Soul in Evolution,

Continuing with forgiveness, souls you are close to in this lifetime have been with you before, like them or not. They are there for a purpose, and you can uncover and understand your responsibility to that soul. That is how we work with our karma to get off the karmic wheel and move into the next higher dimension of yourself.

Forgiveness of those significant people in your life who seem to be difficult can help you balance karma. The expression of the relationship can change, depending on what piece of karma is expressing at a given time. Your Observer Self can help you identify these changes and forgiveness needs, and support you in doing this important work that helps you free yourself.

Take in this week’s video, then journal your responses to the questions below:

1. What relationships are supporting your forgiveness work and helping you understand your karmic responsibility?

2. Write about a relationship that has switched and changed throughout your time with that person. What did you notice in that relationship as you did your forgiveness work over time?

3. How did you see that it helped you to disconnect from the karma with that person?

4. How is forgiveness supporting your spiritual process today?

5. What else resonated with you from this video?

Forgiveness is the key to moving through karma, and awakening to your Infinite Self in God!

With all my love,

Jane Elizabeth