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Spiritual Thermometer, Emotions, and Karma

Beloved Soul in Evolution, How did you do this past week monitoring yourself when you felt emotionally charged? Did you journal? Did you learn something new about yourself? In this week's video, I am continuing this discussion on dissolving emotional pain. The...


Going Deeper: Releasing the Year: Good Times and Gratitude

Beloved Soul in Evolution, Now it is time to focus on the Good Times from your year, and all the situations from the year for which you feel grateful. Even if you didn't muster gratitude in the moment, perhaps some of those difficulties also made you stronger, brought...

Going Deeper: Releasing the Year: Forgiveness

Beloved Soul in Evolution, How is your process of releasing the year progressing? Did you have many Hopes and Dreams from this year? Do you find that you recall something to write down each time you journal? In this week's video, we address the major step in the Seven...

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Each week Jane Elizabeth adds a video teaching here in support of your spiritual growth. You are invited to share your thoughts in response. To receive weekly insights via e-mail subscribe here. To browse these weekly messages by topic, visit CFE blog archives.

Welcome Every Opportunity to Grow

We are never put into circumstances which are insurmountable. Our soul is completely attuned and capable of taking the challenge on. Situations are in our life to help us evolve to a higher state of awareness. Action to take: Welcome every situation or problem that...

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How to Navigate the Spiritual Journey

The spiritual journey has many curves in the road. That is why developing your intuition and daily meditation is so important. By being diligent you will be able to navigate without wasting time, running into unnecessary detours and be able to arrive at your spiritual...

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Find Yourself, Find God

We are driven by our desires. The only real desire that we must nurture is the desire to be One with your real Self. When we find ourselves, we find God. Action to take: Take a moment to examine your desires. What truly are your desires?

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It is time on our spiritual journey to develop harmlessness. Action to take: This can be done by witnessing and studying your daily conduct, words and thoughts so as to make them utterly harmless. If harmlessness is the keynote of your life, you will help your...

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Making Right Choices

How do we make the right choice when confronted with a decision? There is a lot of fear about making the right decisions. Our mind has a tendency to waiver between “should I” or “shouldn’t I.” Action to take: A good measuring stick is to...

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Bridge the Gulf between Yourself and Others

The ego is a hindrance to spiritual advancement. Because it feels separate and alone, it feeds upon being exclusive. Every thought, feeling or action that springs from the "ego" creates a gulf between one's self and the rest of life. Action to take: Develop an...

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Observe How the Ego Measures & Compares

The ego lives in the opposites--joy, sorrow, love, hate, etc.--and feels inferior or superior according to its judgment of the situation. The ego constantly measures its limited self with other limited selves because the ego wants to feel special and unique. Since the...

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Dethrone the Limited Ego

Last week's Support For Our Soul was about observing our ego self in action. Our ego keeps us so involved in the desires of the limited self and always justifies its behaviors and actions. It is very tricky. Actions to take to dethrone our limited ego: Continue to...

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On Fire for Moving Forward!

Our souls are on fire to move forward to experience all that we are in every aspect of our life. How is this done??? Action to take: By becoming an active observer or a witness of physical and mental happenings, we develop utter detachment and this lifts us out of our...

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