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Journal to Untangle Your Subconscious and Dismantle the Ego

Beloved Soul in Evolution, As we continue celebrating the Spiritual Power Tools' tenth anniversary this month, I am focusing on these tools to support you on your journey. After talking about the subconscious in last week's video, I thought this week it would be good...


Going Deeper – Universal Energy Supports Change

Beloved Soul in Evolution, Energy from the universe supports you in taking responsibility for your spiritual growth and making changes that support your soul's awakening. The change in the third dimension is in the opposites, just as any other action and reaction....

Dominar las emociones en el momento

Como abrazamos un desafío que está adelante de nosotros, debemos manejar las emociones que surgen con él. Las emociones nos pueden empeñarnos fuera de nuestro centro si no somos conscientes de ellos. El dominar espiritual es aprender a ser consiente de alguna emoción...

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Make a Huge Leap in Awareness!

As we lift our awareness from the plane of reason to that of intuition, from self-consciousness to soul-consciousness, we are making a huge leap in awareness. This can only be done through meditation and contemplation because that is where all the revelations come to...

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In the Midst of God

As we develop the spiritual qualities latent within us, we discover our divine Self in the midst of God.

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The Greatest Desire

Since God fulfills all desires, then the greatest desire we can have is to know God. Then we can be certain that our desire will be fulfilled.

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Is it Intuition or false craving?

It is important to distinguish between our false cravings or addictions and our true intuitive impulses. False cravings are something we think we want, and when we get it, it doesn't really satisfy us or enhance our lives. A sure sign you are following your intuition...

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Trust Your Intuition

Being able to trust our intuition is very important. Our intuition is always trying to get us where we need to go. Our intuition has a unique energy or feeling. Meditation helps us get in touch with this energy.

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Choose the Greatest Good for All

You cannot possibly do everything that you see needs to be done; therefore, do that which will bring about the greatest amount of good to the greatest number of seeking souls.

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Moving Into Soul Awareness

The intellectual mind's main function is to analyze, reason and memorize. The intuitive mind's main function is to expand our consciousness. As we develop our intuition, our intellectual mind takes second place to the intuitive mind. This enables us to shed the ego...

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Meditation Develops Intuition

Through meditation our intuitive faculty is developed. Intuition is the bestower of revelations. This is why developing our intuition is so important.

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Awareness Brings Revelation

Spiritual growth progresses as we take small steps in awareness. With each step comes a revelation which leads to a greater understanding. Our consciousness then expands and lays the ground work for another revelation to come forth.

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