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What Happens When You Meditate?

Beloved Soul in Evolution, Now that you have established your meditation time, it is important to understand what happens when you meditate. In this week's video, I share from the Spiritual Power Tools book, the sensations you may experience when you meditate....

Spiritual Power Tool #1: Meditation

Beloved Soul in Evolution, Ten years ago, I put together a manual for spiritual growth, based on 45 years of my spiritual discoveries. The Spiritual Power Tools book encompasses the supportive processes I used to get to know my God Self--even though I didn't know what...


Going Deeper in 2016: Lent and the Soul Evolutionist, Part 2

Beloved Soul in Evolution, As you continue to work with your spiritual commitment for Lent--adding to your daily spiritual discipline something that will give your awakening an extra boost--remember that you are supported by the light and vibration that strengthens...

Destape la verdad de su Ser

Cuando tiene decepciones y dificultades en su vida, tendrá la oportunidad de apreciar el material de lo que realmente está hecho: fuerza, coraje, sabiduría, y alegría. Dejar ir de los desilusiones y las dificultades, seguir adelante y abrazar las lecciones y las...

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Each week Jane Elizabeth adds a video teaching here in support of your spiritual growth. You are invited to share your thoughts in response. To receive weekly insights via e-mail subscribe here. To browse these weekly messages by topic, visit CFE blog archives.

Energy, Vibration, Evolution

A new vortex of energy started at the turn of the century (2000) which has made it possible for all souls to take a huge evolutionary step. Our responsibility is to embrace this new vibration through meditation which will expand our consciousness and effect a positive...

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Our Inner Searchlight

Light is a vibration. Each of us is recognized by the vibrancy of our light. The more we meditate the more brilliantly our light shines forth. As we move into higher consciousness, we have the ability within us to transmit energy and light wherever we go, which...

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Being the Active Observer

Revelations help us to be the Observer of our life situations so we can make new choices that support our soul. Ponder on this: What have you observed about yourself this week that has helped you make new choices? Share your thoughts and blessings of love to you!

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Change Brings New Opportunities!

Change is inevitable when we meditate because we are connecting with a force and energy which is directed to bringing new possibilities into our lives. Through the process of change we become aware of new opportunities and revelations come to us more rapidly.

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Living Energies

As we become aware of the living energies manifested in all aspects of nature and every living thing, and learn to connect with these energies, we become a vibrant living force which affects all human evolution. So as we grow in consciousness we become a powerful...

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Inner Vision

When inner vision has been attained through the practice of meditation, light streams forth and revitalization takes place. At first it is a flash of wondrous information and instinctive realization and then, as progress is being made, it develops into understanding...

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Discriminating Between Soul and Personality

Meditation keeps the channel of communication open between the Soul and brain, via the mind. The first thing we have to do is learn to discriminate between our Soul’s vibration and our personality’s vibration. As you meditate, you learn to differentiate...

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Still the Mind

Each time we still our mind, even for 10 minutes, a new energy shift takes place. This shift in energy sharpens our intuitive mind. The result is we are able to solve problems with greater understanding and make better choices for ourselves. Ponder on this –...

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Our Mind Is Like A Search Light

Our mind is like a search light. It can focus in the past, the future or the NOW! Staying focused in the NOW we are consciously present in any given moment and are able to access our higher consciousness. Ponder on this – What are you doing to stay in the NOW...

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