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Release the Year — Step Four: Disappointments and Difficulties

Beloved Soul in Evolution, I hope you are taking each time, doing your homework on these Seven Steps for moving into the new year. In this week's video, I am addressing more specifically those Disappointments and Difficulties. This is an important step for the...

Releasing the Year – Step Three: Hopes and Dreams

Beloved Soul in Evolution, A new week with a new step to release 2013 and prepare ourselves for 2014! In this week’s video, I am covering two steps: Step Three: Hopes and Dreams, and Step Four: Disappointments and Difficulties. Often, these two steps go hand-in-hand....


Your Commitment to Meditation – Sunday Course

Exploring Meditation: Your Key to Accessing Universal Consciousness A Q&A Booklet by Jane Elizabeth Hart Your Commitment to Meditation Course Recording, Reflections, and Further Support Click here for the audio. (Coming soon!) For You to Ponder on Your Spiritual...

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Your Desires Have Energy

Our desires are very important, because God will fulfill our every desire, if not this life time, then in a future life. Action to take: Watch this week's YouTube video. Make a list of your heart's desires. Next, prioritize your desires. Now release them to God to be...

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Important Souls in Your Life Have Been with You Before!

We live in a world of Karma (cause and effect). Whatever is going on in our life, has been brought forth from the past. Our past lives are the history of our Soul. Action to take: Make a list of the really important souls in your life, with the knowledge that they...

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Meditation Awakens New Brain Cells

Why is meditation essential to moving in consciousness? When we meditate we awaken new brain cells that have previously been dormant. When activated, new information/revelations can easily flow into our consciousness. Action to take: Meditate and open up new brain...

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Recognize Your Soul

How do we identify our real Self? First, we recognize that we are souls that have evolved through eons of time. We have had many selves. Every time we reincarnated we got a new personality. Action to take: Observe your ego in action. What do you think or focus on...

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More than Your Body

We are more than this body. It is only the vehicle to house our soul. When we understand that on a spiritual level, we are then able to begin the process of releasing the personality and becoming conscious of our soul. Action to take: Meditation opens up the avenue to...

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You Are a Soul Evolutionist

A Soul Evolutionist is a person (soul) who takes responsibility for the evolution of their soul. They are mature souls. They are born with an innate knowing that they are more than their body and they are here to accomplish an important spiritual mission. Action to...

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Go Within for Your Solutions

Do you have a problem or a situation in your life that you wish to solve? Action to take: The best way to get a solution is to find a quiet place, relax, still the mind and go within. Even if you have a difficult time with the mind chatter, you have made an attempt to...

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Focus Your Mind with a Mantra

If you are a beginner in meditation, start by doing a five minute meditation. Using a mantra can help you focus your thoughts and quiet your mind. A mantra is any word or short phrase which you repeat so your mind can focus with less effort. Listening to music or...

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Consciousness Is All There Is

Easter brings in a new vibration for spiritual growth. Let us all take hold of this special time to advance our consciousness. We have been given free will to choose how we live our lives. "I choose to observe my every day activities and make wise choices for my...

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