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Uncovering Your Subconscious (Part Two)

Beloved Soul in Evolution, How did you do this week, looking at your subconscious in a new light? This week, I am sharing more about the subconscious and the pieces that come up from way down below--pieces of understanding that help you learn about yourself, or...


Use Fear to Help Propel You Forward – Self Study Lesson Course

Exploring the Self Study Lessons What Good Is Fear? It Can Help Propel You Forward! Course Recording, Reflections, and Further Support Click here for the audio. For You to Ponder on Your Spiritual Journey This Week: What three ideas stood out to you from Sunday's...

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Your Presence COUNTS!

There is power in unity. What might seem impossible for one of us to accomplish alone can be accomplished with amazing results when we gather together in prayer with an open mind and open heart.

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Meditation the Gateway To the Soul

One of the rewards of meditation for us is to become conscious of our soul rather than the ego personality. As we learn to function as a soul, we can consciously understand all aspects of our being. The gateway to the soul is through daily meditation.

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Meditation Aligns the Conscious and Subconscious Mind

Meditation is a technique of the mind which eventually produces perfect alignment between the conscious and subconscious mind. When aligned, the personality becomes less important and the Soul is liberated to take charge. We then become conscious of all aspects of our...

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Expanding Consciousness

The goal for all of us is to not limit our consciousness but to expand our understanding of what lies beyond our limited self and seek a more elevated state of awareness which will advance our soul.

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Energy, Vibration, Evolution

A new vortex of energy started at the turn of the century (2000) which has made it possible for all souls to take a huge evolutionary step. Our responsibility is to embrace this new vibration through meditation which will expand our consciousness and effect a positive...

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Our Inner Searchlight

Light is a vibration. Each of us is recognized by the vibrancy of our light. The more we meditate the more brilliantly our light shines forth. As we move into higher consciousness, we have the ability within us to transmit energy and light wherever we go, which...

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Being the Active Observer

Revelations help us to be the Observer of our life situations so we can make new choices that support our soul. Ponder on this: What have you observed about yourself this week that has helped you make new choices? Share your thoughts and blessings of love to you!

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Change Brings New Opportunities!

Change is inevitable when we meditate because we are connecting with a force and energy which is directed to bringing new possibilities into our lives. Through the process of change we become aware of new opportunities and revelations come to us more rapidly.

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