Merge Your Will with Divine Will

Let us affirm today that we are ready to take on a new spiritual opportunity for growth by merging our individual will with divine will. This is a powerful statement. We have been given free will. God will not force his will on us without our okay. With this...

Give Unconditional Love Daily

A soul in service to humanity learns the power of love. Every act of kindness done in love brings more light and power into the world. When we give from the love of our Being and ask nothing in return, we become the richest soul on earth.

Seek Daily Spiritual Nourishment

Have you found a quiet place? By seeking spiritual nourishment daily, our degree of success rapidly improves with each attempt. Perseverance brings rich rewards. The action to take — Find a quiet place. Meditate.

Journaling for Self-Discovery

The tool I introduced in the previous post was the Spiritual Thermometer. The Spiritual Thermometer allows us to take responsibility for our thoughts, actions, and behaviors enabling us to observe the feelings that make us 5 or below. By perceiving our behavior and...

The Spiritual Thermometer

One of the tools that helped me the most was the spiritual thermometer because it helped me to be the observer of myself. By using the thermometer I was able to gauge my thoughts and actions to make better choices.

Three Qualities of Intuition

Intuition supports our higher consciousness. It is well worth our time and effort to develop our intuition because it is the gateway to the truth of our being. The three qualities of intuition are: illumination, understanding and love. These three aspects, when...