Exploring the Self Study Lessons

Desires Turn the Karmic Wheel

Course Recording, Reflections, and Further Support

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For You to Ponder on Your Spiritual Journey this Week:

  1. What three ideas stood out to you from Sunday’s course?
  2. How are you applying those new insights to your daily life experiences this week?

Key Points from Sunday’s Course:

  1. Desires create karma, and are the driving force behind the evolutionary process.
  2. If a desire is not fulfilled in this life, it will be fulfilled in a future lifetime.

Actions to Take to Go Deeper: Journal your thoughts on these questions this week:

  1. Review your desires and aversions from this lifetime. Write them down.
  2. What desires have been fulfilled in this lifetime?
  3. What desires remain unfulfilled?
  4. What aversions have you overcome in this lifetime?
  5. What aversions remain?

Bring your thoughts, experiences, and questions to the weekly Thursday Q&A Support Group this week.

Further Resources on this week’s topic:

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