How to Use Spiritual Power Tools to Support Your Soul: Course 5, Easter Sunday

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For You to Ponder on Your Spiritual Journey this Week:

  1. What three ideas stood out to you from Sunday’s course?
  2. How are you applying those new insights to your daily life experiences this week?

Other Key Points from Sunday’s Course:

  1. The Fourth Dimensional Consciousness is also known as Christ Consciousness
  2. We are gradually moving from our third dimensional consciousness to our fourth dimensional consciousness.

You can use any of the Spiritual Power Tools to help you access your fourth dimensional consciousness.

Actions to Take to Go Deeper:

Journal your thoughts on these questions:

  1. What does it mean to you to move into fourth dimensional consciousness?
  2. When have you been batted back and forth between the opposites of the third dimension?
  3. How are you doing stilling your mind in meditation or at other times? What are you noticing as you practice?

Further Resources on this week’s topics:


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