Observe Yourself and Embrace Your Changes

Beloved Soul in Evolution, Now that you have spent a few weeks experiencing meditation with me and other Soul Evolutionists, how do you see your meditation time differently? Has it inspired you to go deeper, knowing that there are others who want to explore their inner Self like you do? I am sharing this week’s […]

Embrace and Prepare for Your Changes

The spiritual journey is an adventure in change. Every time we get comfortable with our lives, divine discontent takes over. When that happens, God is giving us an opportunity to move forward in our consciousness. The more we resist change, the harder it is to move forward. We seem stuck in old patterns of behavior […]

Let Go and Move Forward!

When we marry our will with our desire, the next step is to develop courage to make spiritual decisions and to abide by them. It is important to remember that the more courage we develop, the stronger it gets, and the faster we move our consciousness. Ask yourself: What is the next courageous step you […]

Embrace Change!

The more we learn to trust our intuitive mind, the more it works for us. Sometimes we have to let go of things that we are very attached to because these attachments are holding us back, and our soul is trying to tell us it is time for a change. It is important to distinguish […]