Change Is Important

Change is inevitable when we meditate because we are connecting with a force and energy which is directed to bringing new possibilities into our lives. Through the process of change we become aware of new opportunities and revelations come to us more rapidly.                         […]

You Make the Dream Happen!

What is your soul trying to teach you today? Every day holds opportunities to learn about yourself and uncover new, spiritual understanding. Watch for those magnified instances in thought or situations that seem to stay on your mind–they are trying to show you what to discover or to release within you! Action to take: Ask […]

Gratitude Supports You through Change

Change Even though change is continuous and unavoidable part of life, transitions can be unsettling.  In spiritual school you are constantly emptied in order to be refilled.  Your ability to handle these experiences gracefully, and not hold onto the pain of change, enables you to be successful in life.  You will then be open-minded to […]

Commitment to Change Helps Clear Your Mental Body

Whenever we make a commitment to change, our old habits surface in our awareness in order that they may be overcome.  This activity is the Higher Self of us, shaking out the unusable thoughts and patterns that got us where we are in the first place.  Embrace this mental housecleaning as a sign that you […]

Embrace Your Future Possibilities

Now that you have advanced into 2011, you are being prepared to fully embrace your future possibilities. Your consciousness is being upgraded, so to speak, to allow for the incoming higher vibrations.   Here are some ideas that will enable you to move through the challenging parts of the integration process. Actions to take if […]