Going Deeper: Journal to Untangle Your Subconscious and Dismantle Ego

Beloved Soul in Evolution, As you continue to explore the subconscious mind, and the importance of uncovering its many treasures, take in the information in this week’s video on dismantling the ego. You have collected karma in your subconscious for many lifetimes, creating the unique experiences housed in your subconscious iceberg, and expressed in your […]

Journal to Listen to Intuition, Learn about Yourself, Dismantle the Ego

Beloved Soul in Evolution, Now that you have been working on watching your thinking and stilling those thoughts, I want to revisit the subconscious, karma and the Spiritual Power Tool of journaling in this week’s video. The subconscious is the storehouse of soul issues that you are learning to be conscious of, and free yourself […]