The “Aftermath” of Easter — What Will You Do with that Energy?

Beloved Soul in Evolution, Welcome to the aftermath of Easter! The energy blast came in–what are you going to do with that energy? In this week’s video, I am sharing with you information about energy and how it comes in to support your soul’s evolution. Energy is a spiritual commodity that you can use for […]

Moving Beyond Your Limited Self

Beloved Soul in Evolution, As we approach Easter, how has your Lenten commitment supported you, and how have you supported your commitment? I am re-sharing this week’s video because I am talking with you about purifying yourself, and going beyond your little “I”. Your Infinite “I” has been with you for eons of time, all […]

Your Present Moment Connection ~ A Meditation to Support Your Soul

Beloved Soul in Evolution, As we continue towards Easter, I am sharing this week’s video meditation to support your commitment to yourself, to your Easter awakening. Everything you need is in the present moment. Meditation helps you connect to the Infinite Presence that loves you, guides you, supports you, IS the very essence of you. […]

Your Spiritual Journey of Discovery, Part 2

Beloved Soul in Evolution, We are moving toward Easter, and your soul is calling out to become a greater part of you! In this week’s video, I am talking about the “God Computer”–a visual I used throughout my journey to connect to my Higher Self when I didn’t know how. I would visualize myself tapping […]

Supporting Your Spiritual Journey during Lent

Beloved Soul in Evolution, Thank you for sending me your spiritual commitments for Lent. I am holding you in my heart during these weeks before Easter. In this week’s video, I talk about one of my favorite Spiritual Power Tools: the Spiritual Thermometer. You are climbing your ladder of spiritual growth, one rung at a […]